What To Do If Your Fortnite Account Gets Hacked

Fortnite Hack

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably already know that Fornite Battle Royale is one of the hottest mobile apps, as well as console games available on the market, surpassing the also popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG). Specifically, its Battle Royale feature is getting a lot of attention. People love the 100-person PVP shooter game.

Unfortunately, just like with any other game that gets a lot of traction, Fortnite has also been the focus of hackers. Fortnite’s game accounts are highly valuable with its expensive skin and v-bucks in the inventory which is why it is such a lucrative target for hackers. The hacked game account are then sold to buyers for a large sum of money. A lot of Fortnite players are quite vocal about being hacked. You don’t have to search on Twitter extensively to run into one of these complaints. This is a serious problem because when these hacked players check their accounts, they show fraudulent charges. Some even reported that their accounts were charged several hundred bucks. Talk about bad news.

Thankfully, Epic Games is on the case. They understand that there is a lot of hacking going on, so they have been releasing refunds. They know that this is bad for their brand, so they are very helpful and have been out there reversing lots of the fraudulent charges these hacked members complained about.

Epic Games has stated that they are aware that this hacking is usually being done through pretty well-known techniques. It’s not like the security compromise of Fortnite servers involves some sort of special technology. According to Epic Games’ official release, it’s not like these hackers came up with sophisticated software that compromised Fortnite’s server infrastructure in a unique, novel, or very disturbing way.

In fact, according to recent press releases, the hacking was done through pretty straightforward and all-too-common techniques. Now, just because they are common doesn’t mean you should not worry about them. Instead, you need to be aware of certain user practices that make certain users more vulnerable to this type of security issue.

We are going to list out common security mistakes users commit, which leave them vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches.

Being Lazy With Your Password

You have to understand that a lot of gaming websites are being targetted by hacking syndicates. They know full well that when people create accounts on one site, they are usually going to create other accounts on other popular platforms. This is easy to see. When a game gets popular, it gets a lot of members coming in from previously popular games. A lot of these people usually use the same password that they used on other platforms.

Now, generally speaking, this should not be a problem. If the other gaming platforms they are using use top-notch, cutting-edge security precautions, these user credentials would be bulletproof. Unfortunately, this is too much to assume. For a wide variety of reasons, some platforms, regardless of how sophisticated they are, do get compromised.

You’re making things worse for yourself when you use the same password on one platform and apply it to many others. This means that if hackers cracked one platform, they can pretty much crack other platforms because a certain percentage of the user base did not bother to change up their passwords. Do yourself a big favor. Use different passwords for different websites. For each game that you play and each platform, you create an account on, use a different password.

Also, use a password randomization tool. There are many Chrome browser plugins that help you come up with random passwords. Whatever the case may be, change your password from platform to platform. Unfortunately, if you insist on using one universal password for all your gaming accounts, don’t be surprised if you become the victim of credential stuffing.

This is a technique used by hackers where they would take a password that they stole from another site and just plug it into the password field on another site. Of course, they would pair that password with a random username. This might seem pretty random but it actually works because if they are able to get your email and password from a compromised server, they can use that same pairing to get to your account on another gaming platform.

You can avoid this unnecessary drama by making it a habit to come up with new usernames, new email addresses, and new passwords on each and every gaming platform you join. I know it sounds like a headache, but it’s a small price to pay considering what you stand to lose in case there is a security breach.

Fake Offers

Another common technique used by hackers is to email users using email captured from a compromised server. They would send out mass emails and mention different game platforms. Now, they don’t know whether you have an account on that gaming platform or not. Instead, they are hoping that you would click on the bogus link that they provide and enter your email and password. That is how they get you. This is a classic phishing technique.

I know it sounds obvious. It sounds like it’s an insult to people’s intelligence, but believe me, people fall for this all the time. Why? When people see a nice, official-looking email, complete with the right HTML and the right graphics, a lot of these people automatically assume that this email is legit. Too many people don’t bother to hover over the link. If they manage to do that, they would see at the bottom of their browser that it’s actually not going to the official domain name of the game that they are supposed to log in to.

Instead, it goes to a hacker server, where the credentials they enter are actually being recorded. Don’t fall for this trick. When you see an official-looking email, hover over the link to make sure that you are going to the right domain name. Also, pay attention to any spam warnings you get. If Gmail’s spam filter says that an email is a phishing email, ignore it. Delete it immediately. You will get a lot of offers that seem too good to be true; fight the temptation and make sure that the email is legit.

Also, don’t click on links that have the Fortnite Hack or Mod APK Download in the subject or title as it is most likely a bait from hackers as well. However, from time to time, there may be official giveaways or promotion that will give out free vbucks. Do look out for these goodies, just make sure they don’t ask for your account password or download from shady sources, and check if they have SSL certificates (https://) in their URL for secured encryption and you will be safe.

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Update Your System

To prevent hacking attacks on your system, take measures to ensure that your laptop, computer, and other devices are updated. This means that their operating system is running the latest version. Also, this is crucial because the latest version of iOS, Windows PC, Android, and other platforms have security features. This is the very least you can do.

Make Sure You Have An Anti-Virus Running All The Time

Regardless of what you do online and regardless of whether you are using a computer or a mobile device, make sure that you have an anti-virus and anti-malware installed and it is updated. It is really important that you have this layer of protection. Now, I understand that a lot of Apple users are under the impression that since they are running on an Apple system that they are immune to viruses. That can only take you so far because these hackers have been getting creative. Don’t be surprised if they are able to compromise your security because you did not install an anti-virus.

Use Social Media Logins

Another way you can protect yourself from Fortnite hacking is to use common access technology made available by Facebook and other social media platforms. This ties your account on a platform with your Fortnite account. This way, if you forget your credentials on Fortnite, you can easily retrieve that information by simply logging in to the account you use on certain social media platforms.

Please understand that this is not bulletproof. Social media platforms can and do get hacked all the time. This is why you need to make sure that those accounts are also bulletproof. How? Follow the advice below.

Always Activate Extra Security Protection

To take your account’s security to a whole other level insists on a two-factor sign in. It doesn’t matter what type of account it is. It can be an email account. It could be your account at Steam. It could be your Epic Games account. You have to insist on the two-step verification.

On Epic Games, it’s actually very easy. Just go to the Settings of your account. Find the tag labeled Password and Security. Look at the very bottom of the page and click on the box that says Enable Two-Factor Sign In. After you’ve done this, you will get an email confirmation. This email verifies your Epic Games account. Click on the link and you should be good to go.

Please understand that if you are going to be accessing the game with new hardware, you would have to go through this process again. It may seem like a hassle, but it is definitely well worth it because you don’t want to go through the headache of having to deal with the fallout of a compromised account. It really is quite shocking to see hundreds of dollars in false charges on your account.

Avoid Public Networks

It’s also important to make sure that you don’t access your account in public areas. For example, you go to Starbucks and there is a public network, as much as possible, don’t do that. Play the game only when you are sure you can trust the network. Don’t make things harder on yourself.

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Thankfully, as things do go South as far as your security is concerned, Epic Games has demonstrated that they are very forgiving and easy to deal with in the event of security compromises and breaches. Hopefully, if you follow the tips I shared with you above, you wouldn’t have to find this out first-hand. As the old saying goes, “A once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The best way to fight against any kind of hacking or account security breaches is to refuse to become a victim in the first place.