Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 – Battle Pass Review

Fortnite Season 4 is finally here and if you are a fan of the game you surely are as excited as we are! There are a lot of new features in the form of brand new rankings, rewards and weapons that players will be able to unlock as they advance on their gameplay over the upcoming months.

This new season also brings a Battle Pass that gives you access to a whole set of new skins, emotes and experience multipliers if you dedicate some time to doing the task of having them unlocked. If you are a new player, don’t sweat it! Most of the previous content released is still available so you can take your time to get up to speed with this addictive game.

Also, scroll down to the bottom if you want to know how to get the Battle Pass for free!


Getting Ready for a Full Overhaul!

For the Fortnite Battle Royale veteran, the passing months between seasons are a chance to get up to speed to the increasing challenges that the game will pose in its new revision. The game gets a near-total overhaul in the way it looks; players had the opportunity to unlock a lot of new rewards.

That goes from brand new characters, a lot of skins for customization on almost every item and a piece of wardrobe. The brand-new art on loading screens and new ways to earn the game’s primary currency: the now world’s famous V-Bucks. If you are cash-ready, get ready! From May 1st you’ll be able to automatically update the game and enjoy every new piece of content, and if you buy the Battle Pass you are in for quite a ride!

Everything is New, But Everything is Familiar

You may be asking yourself what’s new and what’s been kept the same way. Let’s get on with some specifics right away. The new season is centering the central theme of the game around superheroes. There is also a lot of change to maps and locations to address negative feedbacks collected by developers either from newcomers to professional players.

The developers added licensed easter eggs related to some of the hottest superhero properties (hint: Infinity Wars, Thanos) trending right now. All the challenges from season 3 will fade away to the background to let players deal with new weekly challenges. Aside from the aesthetical changes, there will be a lot of interaction with the environment from the get-go.

What Can You Do Now? What It’s Different?

As it happens in most superhero stories now a lot of the structures on the environments can be smashed by your battles, headshots are now a source of major damage, but they can be prevented by basic real-world mechanics such as covering your head with your hands or wearing a helmet. The interface will also have some massive changes, with menus now allowing you to store your favorite items in a personal locker.

The emote well also receives a redesign, and it no longer gives you access to six items only. Some weapons are undergoing revision and redesigns, but you’ll just notice it if you look for the crossbow. You can have the game set up your character with a random setting to step up the challenge, or you can customize your character as you like.

Fortnite X Avengers Thanos

Avengers Crossover Thanos Update

Now you can play as Thanos, the evil villain in the latest Infinity Wars movie. The new solo event allows you to grab the Infinity Gauntlet which turns you into the mighty Thanos. From there, you will just be wrecking havoc and destruction as enemies join forces to try to take you down.

As you imagined, this new mode is super fun, and you could play this all day long without feeling bored. One caveat though, it is set for a limited time probably as long as the new movie is still shown in theaters.

Time to Enjoy Your New Campaign!

As it usually goes, Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 will run straight for 10 weeks, where you’ll be able to clear all the challenges, the Fortnite Battle Pass can take you safely until July 9, where the anticipated season 5 will be released. Free passes, as you probably know already can only take you so far into the game, but if you spend 950 V-Bucks, you’ll have all the ground covered from the begging of the campaign.

The first content you’ll be able to unlock are the outfits of Carbide and Battlehawk. You’ll also receive a 50% personal match boost on your XP and 10% for your co-players or friends. You’ll also get access to the weekly challenges of each character. As we stated previously you should remember that you have a 7 days period to go over these and once the season it’s done, all your achievements will go back to square one.

The Rewards to a Player’s Dedication

If you are wondering about the other rewards offered during this season with your battle pass, they are way too many to describe each one in this brief review, but we can list some of the most interesting ones.

If you play weekly challenge you’ll be able to get some great stuff, such as a good number of 100 V-Buck rewards, a complete set of new emoticons exclusively designed for the new setting, brand new weapons such as pickaxe, new means of transportation such as a sugar crash glider, a number of sprays, additional outfits and skins for the two main characters, and additional boost for your character.

After reading all this are really going to let this opportunity slide? Keep escalating the ladder and become the best Fortnite player with your Battle pass!

How to Get Fortnite Battle Pass for Free?

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