How to get free V-Bucks?

Currently, you can get free v-bucks for your Fortnite account by entering our V-Bucks Giveaway. Or you can slowly accumulate your in-game currency by daily login, daily quests, collecting books, completing challenges and more.

How to get free Raven skin?

Raven skin cost 2000 v-bucks in the game so if you already have that amount in your inventory, then you can purchase it through the in-game store right away. Or if you still struggling to make enough v-bucks, then redeem free v-bucks right here to gain sufficient currency to get the Raven skin for free.

How many Fortnite players are there?

It is reported to have 3.4 million (and still growing) players playing the game all at the same time online. The total amount of Fortnite players who have played this game is said to be over a staggering 40 million!

Which Fortnite edition to buy?

The free version would be enough if you want to play the “Battle Royale” mode which is the most popular choice. If you desire some exclusive loot and items and a PVE campaign, then the $39.99 standard package is a no-brainer. The $59.99 deluxe edition has even more items and heroes included so it is the definitive version for the biggest Fortnite fans. My advice is to stick to the ‘free version’ so you can use the saved money to buy Battle Pass and specific heroes and skins.

When will Fortnite update?

Fortnite is updated very often. Sometimes it is just bug fixes while other times it will be big content patches. You can keep track of the latest update patch notes at Epic Games website.

Where to buy Fortnite?

You can buy the PC/Mac version at Epic Games’ official site. For the PS4 and Xbox One version, you can purchase the game through their respective online store. iOS version can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store and Android version will be available in Google’s Play Store.

Why is Fortnite free?

Free-to-play game model is very popular right now as it has a low barrier. It is a great way for people to test the game out. But to support the developers’ hard work and continuous support for the game, there will be microtransaction in Fortnite which is mainly cosmetic items so the gameplay is still fair for everyone.

Do you need PS Plus to play Fortnite?

Good news for all PlayStation 4 owners, you do not need an active PS Plus service so it is completely free to play!

Does Fortnite need Xbox Live?

Yes, you need an Xbox Live subscription to play Fortnite online.

Why is Fortnite not working?

There may be regular maintenance, which will last up to a few hours. Please go here to check if the server is down.

My account is hacked. What should I do?

Epic Games treat hacking very seriously. If your account is hacked, contact Epic Games’ official support channel immediately and they will take care of your account. To avoid getting hacked in the future, read this.

How did Fortnite become so popular?

First, it is free-to-play, costing $0. Right now, Battle Royale is all the rage (made popular by PUBG) and it has a mixture of building and crafting similar to the also wildly popular Minecraft. Most importantly, it is just plain fun for people of all ages!

How much is Fortnite Season Battle Pass?

Each season usually cost around 1000 v-bucks ($10.00). For example, Season 3 Battle Pass is 950 v-bucks. The battle pass is worth it as it is always packed full of unique loots, themes, and challenges.

Why Fortnite lags?

There can be many reasons for the lagging behavior you encountered. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection as this is an online only game. Check if the game server is down or getting DDOS (check official twitter for news). You might also be connected to a server further away from your location so the ping will be higher.

Who is the best Fortnite player?

It is hard to proclaim a single best player in the world as the game is always ever-changing and no one is a master of everything. But players like Ninja, Gingerpop, Dakotaz and Myth are considered top players by many. Also, check https://fortnitetracker.com/leaderboards for latest players’ ranking win/lose record.

Which shotgun is the best?

Shotguns are immensely powerful and can kill foes quick. Different shotguns have a unique style of use so just choose one that is the most comfortable.

Will Fortnite be on Steam?

The simple answer is no. However, it is hard to say if it won’t be on Steam forever. If you want, you can add a shortcut on Steam so you can access the game faster.

Will Fortnite run on a laptop?

If your laptop has a decent graphics card built in, it is very likely it will run. Fortnite is not a very demanding game, though if you want to have all graphical effects set to the highest, you need a high end CPU and graphics card. Run the system requirement test to check your laptop’s hardware specification.

Will Fortnite come to Switch?

While it is not announced or confirmed to have a Switch port, it should eventually come to Switch in the near future.

Will Fortnite come to Android?

Yes, it is in active development and will be released very soon.

Are Fortnite and PUBG the same?

Fortnite Vs. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular questions. Both games are totally different but are in the same “Battle Royale” genre. PUBG is a more realistic shooter-based game while Fortnite is heavily stylized, more cartoony with over the top gameplay.

How Fortnite crossplay works?

PS4 owners can play with PC/iOS/Android/Mac while XBox One owners can play with PC/Mac/iOS/Android. For a better explanation, see this video.

Will Fortnite be free forever?


Can I play Fortnite Battle Royale with a controller on PC?

You can use an Xbox controller or PS3/4 DualShock gamepad in PC but it is highly recommended to use the conventional mouse/keyboard setup for more precise aiming.

Fortnite 2 release date?

Right now there is no news of Fortnite 2 in development as the developers are focused on making Fortnite better than ever!