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What is Fortnite Battle Royale?

While the basic premise is pretty simple, the game itself is looking to be a very different experience for players everywhere.

Fortnite Battle Royale goes beyond the classic military simulation played in third person mode with a design that it’s already being praised despite still being in development, the main feature is a freeform building system that allows every player to customize their character and affect the environment as they collect all types of weapons to make sure they are the one to win.

So far the game is already recognized for having over-the-top schematics while avoiding classic stereotypes for weapons and means of transportation.

“How big is the scope? How different is Fortnite Battle Royale from any other shooter?”

The answers are quite straightforward: The game simply goes where no developer has ever gone by taking the shooting dynamics of Gears of War and mixing them with a touch of Minecraft and there you have it.

Fortnite Battle Royale offers some big weapons that look cartoonish in nature but that are quite effective, as much as the good ol’ boring regular rifle or grenade launcher, you’ll be able to glide out of a flying bus and every single thing in the game is fair game to be modified or destroyed at your will to secure your victory.

Difference between PS4, XBox One, PC, Mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale is available for every major gaming platform out there, including Xbox One, PS4, PC, Android, and iOS. While the mechanics of the game are pretty similar in their console ports, they allow a bit more customization in the PC edition and it’s handled with a totally different set of rules in the mobile edition. Fortnite Battle Royale plays really well with a keyboard and a mouse once you make yourself familiar with the commands. The mobile edition, however, demands that you place your finger in specific parts of the screen to do every basic action such as going forward, jump, or locate a target. While it’s not exactly bothersome and the controls are very responsive, it can take a while to get used to.

Fortnite PC Gameplay

Other differences between PC and mobile are the visual aids you get from the game. Locating a target it’s not difficult but aiming can be a little tricky to handle with your fingers on the screen blocking your visibility. Items are easily located and in both editions, players can choose to pick them up automatically or tapping on them, this is much easier done in the PC edition than in mobile, especially if you are playing on a smart device with a small screen. Building is a nice feature to have in both editions of the game but is planned for players forming team-ups or squads who are looking to win by following some sort of strategy. Hearing aids are also in place to let players known about incoming danger.

As for the visual setting of the game, the developers chose for this third-person shooter game cartoony graphics to display the amount of violence contained on it but it doesn’t take away the fun out it at all. If anything the graphics settings make the game more enjoyable. Parents can rest easy, the game does not feature any sort of gore or blood splattered across the screen and it invites players to think creatively to get themselves out of specific situations. The guys at Epic Games also encourage players to engage in healthy social interaction to devise strategies that allow them to survive against more experienced players. The game doesn’t feature any kind of profanity but the Battle Royale online mode has thousands of players interacting with a free range of vocabulary, so it would be wise to take this into account before exposing a minor to it.

Getting Through the Game: V-Bucks and Microtransactions

If you are already familiar with mobile games and most of the games of this generation, you’ll probably expect to be invited to make some sort of microtransaction for items that you’ll probably need if you hope to advance in the game.

Fortnite Battle Royale uses an in-game currency called V-Bucks and they can be used to buy any weapon or cosmetic implement for your character.

There are two ways to get access to VBucks in the game: either by forking over some real-world cash into them or by earning them doing a series of tasks that grant rewards. While you may feel compelled to spend your hard earned money on weapons that will lead you to a victory in the game, there are a few cosmetic items that you may want but you won’t feel like paying for them. No problems here, let’s take a look at what you can do to earn VBucks in the game:

Daily Log-ins

The easiest way to earn some V-Bucks is by logging into the game every single day. This bonus is offered just for going online, no matter how long you stay on the platform. The bonus resets itself after 24 hours and you can collect it again.

While it’s a sure way to earn a little money inside the game, it can take quite a while until you have a decent amount to buy any sort of item at all, especially since the reward tends to vary quite a bit depending on the number of subsequent days of registered logins.

After the first 12 days, you’ll be awarded 800 V-Bucks for the login streak, after 26 days the reward will go down to 300. After 35 days and up to 49 the reward will be of 150 V-Bucks. After the 56th day, the reward will pick up at 300 V-Bucks again, just to be lowered at the 70th day at 150 until the 77th day and forward. If a player reaches 112 consecutive days of login he will collect 800 Fortnite vBucks again.

Daily Quests

Fortnite Battle Royale opens a number of quests each day for players looking to earn V-Bucks. Whatever you earn in these quests you’ll be able to spend it on any mode of the game to secure a win. Most of these missions secure a reward of 50 VBucks if done correctly. Among the most popular missions, there are the search and destroy engagements where we can choose to take out 6 arcade machines in completed missions or to destroy a number of other things such as fire trucks, garden gnomes, park seesaws, propane tanks, server racks, teddy bears or TV sets.

If chasing down home appliances and ornaments are not your thing, you can go for husk extermination missions where you’ll have to kill 500 husks while playing in a specific role, you can go as a regular hero, a constructor, a ninja, an outlander or a soldier. These missions also reward 50 Fornite VBucks each.

If you want to test your mettle as a specialist and earn rewards in the process, you can choose to complete 3 daily missions one to win some money. All you need to do is complete 3 straight successful missions as a constructor, a ninja, an outlander, or as a soldier. Completing the missions in certain locations of the game can also report rewards and since some of these are more difficult than others.

Rewards tend to vary for each one, for example: winning 3 successful missions in Stonewood will grant you a reward of 50 V-Bucks, but if you win them in Plakerton you’ll earn 60 V-Bucks. Canney Valley report rewards of 75 V-Bucks and missions in Twine Peaks grant rewards of 100 V-Bucks.

A number of specific modes report rewards of 50 vBucks, but they are a little less common than the others, such as completing 3 “ride the lighting” missions, retrieving data missions, fighting storms and saving survivors in successful missions.

Collection Book

As you play the game you’ll be able to collect all the achievements you earn as well as the schematics of every character and item you use in the game along the number of survivors saved and the number of defenders used. Each one of these items can be placed in a virtual collection book that will unlock a few rewards as you put more items into it.

As you go through more characters and complete more missions you’ll get rarer items to locate in your collection book. The levels 6, 26 and 91 will grant you a reward of 500 V-Bucks instantly. Other levels such as 13, 71, 100, 112, 141 and 153 grant jackpot llamas, weapon packs and a Raptor hero.

Completing Challenges

There a number of repetitive challenges in the game that you can do over and over to earn free VBucks. Each one of these challenges takes place over the course of a number of stages and they must be completed to claim the reward. The most popular ones so far are the Storm Shield defense missions. These are easily located on the map and these are the ones paying the biggest rewards.

A piece of advice though: the Storm Shield defense missions require a character customized at a certain level and with some advanced weaponry so it would be best to equip your hero using the StoneWood content at first. In the first Storm Shield mission, players will be asked to establish their Storm Base and defend it from a number of enemies. If you prove to be successful, you’ll be able to collect 100 V-Bucks.

The next 6 missions are about keeping the stronghold and each time you manage to do it successfully you’ll be awarded an extra 100 V-Bucks. After earning a good level and a good selection of weapons you can play the same challenges in Canny Valley, Plakerton, and Twine Peaks. Each cleared level will grant a bonus of 100 V Bucks.

Earning 4500 V-Bucks in a Month? Totally Doable by Completing the Daily Missions!

Earning 4500 V-Bucks in a Month? Totally Doable by Completing the Daily Missions!

The most experienced players have already put the word out there: earning 4500 VBucks in a month can be done with a little discipline. If you set a daily routine to login in the game and play through the daily quests and challenges you can make at least 1100 VBucks just out of the daily login and between 500 to 600 Fortnite vbucks a week with a mid-level grind, doubling up the efforts will put you in the numbers to score a hefty reward.
Where to buy V-Bucks?

Where to buy V-Bucks?

Let’s pay close attention to this one: There are already a lot of scammers out there offering V-Bucks and none of them are real. Epic Games has already issued a statement claiming that the only licensors they have granted permission to sell the token is the Microsoft store for the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, The PS Network for the Sony game consoles and the in-game app store located at the top dashboard menu for the Android and iOS versions of the game. Anyone claiming grants of V-Bucks and asking for password is most likely a scammer looking to seed malware and phishing to your account.
How Do You Cheat In Fortnite Battle Royale?

How Do You Cheat In Fortnite Battle Royale?

There are no real Fortnite cheats or cheat codes in this game as this is a mutiplayer online only game. But people have discovered some weird glitches that render players invincible (God Mode) or sometimes outright strange animation. These kind of Fortnite cheats are rare as Epic Games treat loopholes and bugs very seriously and they will patched the game up in a short period of time.

Thus, it is not recommended to abuse the newly found or currently available Fortnite cheats as all your in-game actions are logged and easily detected. By gaining unfair advantage against other players, the consequencs will often result in an account ban. On the same note, use of aimbot, wallhack and memory-editing trainer software is a guaranteed instant ban.

Still, it is fun to see these Fortnite cheats in action so CLICK HERE for a compiled list of epic cheats exposed.

How can You Spend your V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale?

fortnite llama

As the main in-game currency, the V-Bucks can be used to purchase Fortnite Battle Pass and access to a wide offering of Llamas. All these Llamas grant different rewards depending on how much they cost. You can get heroes, defenders or survivors as well as the schematics to create new weapons or build new means of defense to guarantee a victory.

You’ll be able to choose between Loot Llamas, Super Llamas and Legendary Llamas that will give you access to special items and legendary characters. The V-Bucks also work as the means to access new seasons of the game as they become available, each of these new seasons also give access to new upgrades and items to increase the level of a player as well as a long list of cosmetic items to make the look of your character as unique as you want.

After clearing the air we hope you enjoy playing this game. It’s an actual refresh take on shooters game that brings loads of joy as long as you engage it in a healthy way.

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